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5 Enamel Pins for Mums - #1

5 enamel pins for mums


I love pins. I collect them, I make them, I trade them. There's just something about the entire thing that I love so much, you know? It's as if each pin represents a teeny facet of my personality; the the good, the bad and the nerdy. 


One of my favourite collections is my cluster of pins that represent motherhood in some way. It's no secret I'm all about empowering mothers, our Badass Mother pin collection is proof of that.


We all know being a Mum is a complex and ever-changing thing. The struggles and celebrations I had when I had teeny babies are not the same as those I have now that the kids are school age. 


Being a mum is as vast and varied as we all are and so are the little things that we find and identify with that sum up being a mum.


Here's a gorgeous collection of 5 pins for mums from my fellow makers, designers and small businesses and mamas.


1. Stronger Than You Think enamel pin from House of Wonderland

House of Wonderland's empowering pin, available on their website and Etsy

2. Weird Mom Club v 2.0 enamel pin from Drawings by Nicole

Drawings By Nicole's awesome pin, available on their website and Etsy

3. Qiu Jin enamel pin from Literary Emporium


Literary Emporium's beautiful pin, available on their website and Etsy

4. Woman Up enamel pin from Zealo Apparel


Zealo Apparel's sassy pin, available on their website and Etsy

5. Handmaid's Tale enamel pin from Fable and Black


Fable and Black's pin keeps it real, available on their website and Etsy

Do have any mummy enamel pins? I'm going to be celebrating my favourite pin collections, sharing my own and adding to my wish list throughout this blog series.

For more gift ideas for mothers check out our collection now.


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5 enamel pins for mums

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