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5 Ways to Display Your Enamel Pin Collection

5 ways to display enamel pins


Collecting enamel pins can be a little addictive. You start out by picking one or two up every now and then and before you know it you're running our of space of your lapel, trying your best to rotate your pins to they all get the chance to be on display.

Sound familiar?

We've made a list of our 5 favourite different ways to show off your collection.


1. Jacket 

Ok, ok, it's a *slightly* obvious one. Grab your favourite jacket and play around with a selection of pins. These can be a curated collection (e.g. monochrome pins, pastel pins, Harry Potter pins, feminist pins or pins that represent your personality) or a whole bunch of eclectic pins you love just because.


denim jacket pin collection


Elsie from A Beautiful Mess showed off her awesome denim vest pin collection in this blog post about age appropriate clothing. Whilst it's not strictly a jacket, this is a brilliant example of pin wearing. 

Top tips: Remember kids, pins on jackets are at risk of falling off. Make sure to use locking backs where ever possible. Seconds sale pins are also a great option here, you won't feel *too* heartbroken if you lose one (well, in theory at least. I mean, we all know how sad that moment is when you realise a pin is missing). Also, pins make holes. And while in woven fabrics these are easily fixed with a bit of rubbing and jiggling, leather and faux-leather is a very different matter!


 2. Cork board

A good old cork board is another classic pin display option. Cork is a budget friendly, customisable material. You could grab a set of cork floor tiles, place mats or pot holders and create a few different curated collections. Coasters make great mini boards!

Swapping pins around to achieve the perfect layout isn't an issue, cork's spongy (and well, corky) texture is perfect for pins. Just don't get too aggressive or you might take a little chunk out!

Cork enamel pins boards can be customised with paint, you can frame them or you can arrange a few on your wall to make a feature.


I use cork in lots of my product photography, such as this shot of my Gandalf the Gay pin and I have a stack of different pieces in different sizes.

Top tips: Cork is really versatile. Look out for bargains in kitchen and home wares sections of shops such as IKEA. Grab some paint, a frame and get creative!


3. Flags and pennants

Enamel pin pennants are another great way of creating curated collections of pins. What started off as simple fabric creations has now become a vast selection. Patterned fabric, statement hashtags and personalised options are all available. 

One of my favourites is this monochrome pin display pennant from Clorty Cat. It's the perfect way to display a curated collection, they also have amazing colourful versions too!


4. Embroidery hoop

This is kind of an extension of the pennant display. Embroidery hoops are a great way to create your own custom pin displays, get some fabric (or maybe upcycle something instead) and a hoop from your local haberdashery and there you go! 

Creating a pin display with an embroidery hoop can be a really quick and simple craft project. They're relatively inexpensive and infinitely personalisable.


If creating a hoop from scratch isn't your thing, or if you're after something a *little* bit more fancy then check out Katnipp Illustrations. Her range of pin displays are amazingly gorgeous and lots of them can be personalised, including this one


5. Make something up!

Grab yourself some art supplies and go crazy. Take a leaf out of Aww Sam's book and create something totally unique like this. 

In her 10 Minute DIY tutorial, Sam goes through all the steps and supplies you need to make this AMAZING giant colour cork letter display.


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