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Cards making connections: 5 reasons why you should send more cards.

A lot of the cards (and other items) I ship out to customers are gifts for other people. And quite often, these cards and gifts are posted directly to the recipient with a little message of some kind or another, often a message of encouragement or well wishes, sometimes just something that says the person sending the item was thinking about the recipient in some way.

And this got me thinking, a card is a brilliant little thing to send or receive. I don't send nearly enough and I really ought to find more reasons to send more cards.

So here's a list of 5 reasons why you (and I) should send more cards.

 1. They're easy to send.

Unless you opt for a whopping great giant one like the ones in the Clinton window, a normal envelope and a stamp is all you need. I mean, they even come with their own envelope, you can't get any easier than that!

 2. They can double as art.

Cards come in a whole host of designs, from typography designs to puntastic doodles to motivational illustrations, perfect for pinning to a wall or pegboard for a bit on daily inspo.



3. They're cheap.

Generally speaking cards cost about the same as a cup of coffee, maybe less!

 4. It says how you feel.

Even if you're not good at writing down exactly what you want to say, the right card can convey the message you want to send and so much more. Sometimes with very few words at all.

samiwese gamgee card, i can carry you, lord of the rings card, LOTR, LOTR card, Samwise

5. It can make someone's day.

We all like it when something nice happens unexpectedly. We like it even more when that something nice comes when we're not feeling our best. And we all love it when those things happen because somebody cared enough to do something nice for us. Random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness remind people that we're thinking of them, that we empathise with them, that we're inspired by them, that we love them.

All of a sudden a little card through the letterbox can make a huge difference to someone's day. You can shop our selection of cards here.






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