SECONDS - Enamel Pin seconds sale

SECONDS - Enamel Pin seconds sale



Pins for bargain lovers!!

Hands up everyone who's addicted to collecting pins - me too!! Here's the place where you can grab slightly less-than-perfect Bookish and Bakewell pins with a sweet discount.

It's a total win-win situation, you get to add more awesome pins to your pinboard and these little guys get to fulfil their pingame destiny!

Seconds pins make an excellent back-up or duplicate for pins: one perfect one for your jacket, one less-than-perfect one for your pinboard.

Sometimes we run out of our pin designs and THIS is the only place to get a certain pin until we restock!! Or you can grab the last of a design we won't be stocking anymore!

We've got super high standards when it comes to our products and sometimes pins don't pass our quality checks. It could be a wonky pinback, maybe a there's a little blank gap where some colour should be or a slight chip in the enamel or on the badge itself . Our seconds pins are less-than-perfect (any super rejects hang out in our office on our rejects board) so if you'd prefer to save some hard earned cash than have a perfect pin, these guys are for you.

You can find the size details for each pin on the options, just choose your pins from the list. For all the details, check out each of the pins in the shop to learn all about them :)

Pins usually come unpackaged (without our usual backing cards, but sometimes we catch a few that have already been dressed up with all the Bookish and Bakewell branding on) but orders with seconds pins do still come with all the awesome goodies we pack into our usual orders!

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