I Am No Man coaster

I Am No Man coaster

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1 x I Am No Man
This LOTR coaster not only protects your table tops from Witch Kings and watermarks but also gives you a little empowering pep talk every time you life your mug to reveal Eowyn underneath. 

This coaster makes an excellent gift for fellow Lord of the Rings fans, is super skinny so it's easy to post and is Very Useful. Gifts that are Very Useful are particularly handy when the person you're buying for has everything already and or moving into a new home.

It's badass, shield maiden message will also help remind the receiver that being a woman in a man's world is a battle she can win (helpful/naughty Hobbits with small daggers aren't included unfortunately).

When the going gets touch, take off your helm, let your frankly brilliant mermaid/princess hair loose and win because you're a girl, not in spite of it.

If you have a friend or many friends with whom you drink beverages (a Fellowship, if you will), or perhaps you're a rebel who can't be tamed and you like to have TWO beverages at once, then our MULTIPACK options are an excellent choice for you. 

Designed and made right here in Yorkshire, home of the Proper Brew and birthplace of Sean Bean. I imagine he makes a good cuppa.


- 3.5 inches/9 cm square with rounded corners
- Made from super sturdy 3mm thick hardboard (not cork or card)
- Wipes clean with damp cloth

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