I Read Past My Bedtime coaster

I Read Past My Bedtime coaster

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This literary coaster not only protects your table tops but also, rather handily, helps explain just why you might be on your 3rd, 4th or millionth coffee of the day.

This design is from one of our sneaky lil' freebie stickers that we pop into all of your orders and has a blue twin as well as some other cousins with similar bookish phrases on.

This coaster makes an excellent gift for fellow nocturnal book lovers, is super skinny so it's easy to post and is Very Useful. Gifts that are Very Useful are particularly handy when the person you're buying for has everything already. Including many different editions of the same books.

If you have a friend or many friends with whom you drink beverages, or perhaps you're a rebel and can't be tamed and you like to have TWO beverages at once, then our MULTIPACK options are an excellent choice for you. 

You could also use an additional coaster for snacks because let's face it, tea and coffee breaks are better with snacks. And you're going to need energy when reading past your bedtime.

Designed and made right here in Yorkshire, we're kind of experts on how to have a good cuppa and we've bred a fair few famous novelists in the past few hundred years.


- 3.5 inches/9 cm square with rounded corners
- Made from super sturdy 3mm thick hardboard (not cork or card)
- Wipes clean with damp cloth 
- Is a table saving superhero

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