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My Sword, My Bow, My Axe venn diagram sticker

My Sword, My Bow, My Axe venn diagram sticker



We all know who offers their weapon, but which combo would work best? We crunched the numbers and presented our findings in the helpful venn diagram.

Up your slaps game. Stick it to your laptop, your car, your window, your notebooks or anywhere you have space for it. 

Your sticker measures around 8cm top-to-bottom and side-to-side. It's professionally printed on hard wearing, heavyweight vinyl sticker paper, using weather proof inks and cut to shape with a fancy machine. Our sticker paper has a permanent adhesive giving them super strong staying power without leaving any nasty residue if removed.



  • 8cm
  • Bookish and Bakewell daily doodle
  • Printed on hard wearing, heavy weight vinyl sticker paper
  • Weatherproof ink
  • Bookish and Bakewell original with IG handle stamp

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